School Based Program

We know It takes more than traditional nutrition education to reduce the 

prevalence of childhood hunger and obesity in low income neighborhoods.

Our hands-on, reality based curriculum educates students on the local food system 

and how food choices impact not only their health, but the economy and environment.  Our goal is to inspire students to take action and lead their families and 

communities in living healthier lifestyles.

The Facts:

  • Memphis is one of the most obese cities in America with more than 30% of students 

    obese or overweight

  • Overweight and obese children are 4 times more likely to have academic performance 

    issues than their normal weight peers

  • 3 out of 4 students regularly go to school hungry, losing 2 hours of learning each day

Program Goals:

  1. Enhance students' food literacy and cooking skills

  2. Improve students' health and academic performance 

3380 McCorkle Rd
Memphis, TN 38116

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