Through school and community based food literacy programs,

Project Fresh is challenging youth to think differently about food, champion healthy eating and become agents of change for their families and communities.

Educating and empowering youth to make healthy, sustainable food choices





While childhood obesity rates are trending down in other cities, Memphis is experiencing the opposite.  Childhood obesity and hunger are the adverse effects of our broken food system and harsh reality of 1 in 4 Memphis families living in poverty with little or no access to food. There is indeed a food crisis, unfortunately residents lack the awareness and resources necessary to make healthier choices.   


Our food literacy programs address three key focus areas health leaders feel are essential to combat the obesity and hunger epidemics plaguing low income communities.

1.  Addressing socioeconomic factors, particularly no access to healthy foods

2.  Developing partnerships and sustained programs with organizations and communities

3.  Educating children and families about healthy choices and making it relevant to their everyday lives


Your secure donation to Project Fresh allows us to provide more healthy meals, create more impactful programs, and inspire more kids and their families to build healthy, sustainable communities.  


*Project Fresh is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization.

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